Become a Zauberer Cleaner

Why become a Zauberer?

 1. Zauberer means Magician in German. The name of our company, Zauber Sauber, means Magic Clean. Our professional workers are like Magicians in that they arrive, clean, and go… magic. Our whole image is one of Magic so we strive to maintain that image in all we do. And of course at the forefront of our company are the workers/contractors, the people we send on jobs, You! You are, in a sense a Magician when you are doing your work.

You are an Independent Contractor working with Zauber Sauber, meaning that you are your own boss, not an employee of Zauber Sauber…..and while working on your own terms you will gain the skills and knowledge to make yourself truly independent you may grow with us to earn more and more, or gain the knowledge, direction, and help to begin your own venture

You must obviously already possess some magical skills and qualities if you are drawn to this position
now is the time to show off those skills and use them to your advantage and to grow as a person, a worker, and an entrepreneur (if you so wish).

You will also get constant support, tips, understanding and encouragement, through our website and email

What is Expected

If you think you might like to give us a try, PLEASE look over the following expectations to determine if this might be a good fit. We would love to try you out if you can furnish the following:

a. Must be independent and willing to work alone

b. Must be professional, already super experienced and capable, seasoned with an eye for detail (there will be occasional Cleaning Tip videos available on the website as refreshers or reminders)

c. Three good verifiable references, cleaning references – we will contact at least 2

d. Must have own car and insurance

e. Must be fully vaccinated and have card

f. If considered, you must submit to a background check, read our policies, watch some of our videos, have or sign up for a Paypal or Venmo Account, and sign an I/C contract

Always be “THERE” for our Clients

Thorough – an eye for detail is of the essence: mirror streaks, doors and doorknobs, baseboards, furniture legs/bottoms, high/low cleaning….these should all be given attention
Hardworking – work quickly, but thoroughly
Experienced – work shows that you know what you are doing
Reliable – be there, be punctual, do your job, get in- get out
Eager – Always work with a smile and enthusiasm to do your best

Become a Zauberer

PLEASE only submit the Information Sheet below if you meet and agree to all of the above criteria. You will be asked for phone numbers for references and, if hired, for a copy of your driver’s license and a clear picture of yourself and your vehicle.

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