Apartment and Condo Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

Zauber Sauber is a Philadelphia-based cleaning company that provides professional house cleaning services. Our house cleaners accommodate all homeowners, from those currently living in their residence, to people moving in and out. Standing itself apart from other house cleaning companies, Zauber Sauber also offers services to people living in apartments and condos.

Renting is different from actually owning a home. Although apartments and condos are smaller and just as important as houses, the knowledge that you are fixing someone else's property using your time and resources makes it much less motivating. This is why we at Zauber Sauber include renters in our services. As a city, Philadelphia is home to plenty of people living in apartments and condos, and they deserve a top notch house cleaning service as well.

How Our Apartment and Condo Cleaning Process Works

Zauber Sauber acknowledges the differences between homes, and we are dedicated to making all properties we work on as appealing and comforting as possible. Through deep house cleaning, our professional apartment cleaners will make sure that every trace of dirt, debris, and other nuisances, creating a fresher home life for you! We also know that urban lifestyles lead to people not being home all the time, especially if they rent. Therefore, we also offer weekly or biweekly services to make sure your apartment will remain clean without disrupting your own schedule.

Like with houses, apartments and condos that get the Zauber Sauber treatment will receive the best cleaning services in the Philadelphia area. Every room, from kitchens to bathrooms, will get the same kind of love and attention they would get if they were our own. We don't just clean surfaces such as walls and floors. We make sure that every single item making up a room, from furniture to appliances, looks just as good as the rooms themselves.

Why Hire Zauber Sauber for Your Apartment and Condo Cleaning Services in Philadelphia?

Zauber Sauber is consistently trustworthy, providing efficient, professional cleaning services at an affordable price. Our cleaning team does a fantastic job, whether it is general or deep house cleaning. We accommodate renters by offering a flexible apartment cleaning service that will free them from additional chores.

No matter what the room, furniture, or appliance is, our team makes sure to polish them to the smallest detail. With Zauber Sauber, renters can enjoy a balanced life that doesn't involve using their precious free time to do even more work due to cleaning duties.


Zauber Sauber has the necessary tools to clean every corner of any given household, and consistently meeting our clients' expectations is a source of pride for us. Our services have more variety than other house cleaning companies and include specific classifications to make special requests easier to make.


Our professional cleaners will work on rooms such as kitchens (cabinet doors, counters, ovens) and bathrooms (bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets). Some of our premium cleaning services are offered in all rooms, such as cleaning carpets, emptying trash, and removing cobwebs.

Why Hire Zauber Sauber?

Zauber Sauber offers the best house cleaning services in Philadelphia PA, with our dedication to doing an amazing job topping every other professional service in the cleaning industry. No matter what your reason for needing a clean home, our professional house cleaners will remove all bacteria and dirt to create a comfier home in every corner. Our impeccable home cleaning services allows our clients to have a consistently clean home environment. As a result, Zauber Sauber is both reliable and committed to excellent service to create a healthy home.

Our locally owned house cleaning services are not only affordable, but come with healthy and effective cleaning products on hand. Our professional cleaning company prides itself on using the best tools to give your home the deep clean it deserves, and that's why we clean with green because we care about the environment and use only eco-friendly products. From deep house cleaning services to regular house cleaning services, Zauber Sauber is your go-to for all things cleaning.

To find out more about our green eco friendly cleaning, please contact us today and we'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate today here. We assure you it will be the "best move" you've ever made!


Appliance exteriors
Ranges and ovens
Cabinet doors
Hard surface floors


Hard surface floors
Remove cobwebs
Window sills and ledges
Empty trash


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"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

At Zauber Sauber, we believe that everything should look clean, smell clean, and feel clean.
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