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    Let Us Make Your Dust & Clutter Disappear, Like Magic!

    Residential & Small Businesses

    We specialize in keeping your home and small business clean and tidy! We will travel to any location in the Philadelphia area as well as all of its suburbs providing professional cleaning services for all the homeowners and business customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. From your home to the office and back again, we make sure that you, your family, colleagues and all guests get a deep clean you will always notice.

    Thorough Clean with Green Products

    We pride ourselves on using the best products for the best deep clean. Join us in saying goodbye to all the tough dirt and grime and never ending dust bunnies as our services include dusting, cleaning, and scrubbing all your surfaces. We vacuum all floors and carpets and mop your floors. Finally, we remove all trash from bins. This Thorough clean method ensures a clean house each and every time. Cleaning with a common goal to provide and maintain a healthier environment for your family, co-workers and the community overall.

    Experienced, vetted and insured

    Our residential Zauberers (house Cleaners) have an eye for detail… no mirror streak, doorknob, baseboard, or chair leg shall be overlooked. That is the true meaning of our detailed cleaning. Our Cleaning professionals are experts in making sure that even the mineral deposits are removed from your bathroom and kitchen faucets. We suggest a deep cleaning during our first visit and can schedule a regular cleaning based on your cleaning needs.

    Flexible ClEANING Schedule

    Home cleaning is just a part of life and sometimes it can be hard to fit into a regular schedule. Many homeowners don't have the time to deep clean the way they want and that's okay, this is where our house cleaners step in. We offer not only: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings but one time cleaning as well. For the deep house cleaning services you and your family not only need but deserve, contact us today!

    Neighborhoods We Offer Our Residential Cleaning Services

    Center City | South Philadelphia | Southwest Philadelphia | West Philadelphia | Lower North Philadelphia | Upper North Philadelphia | River Wards | Roxborough-Manayunk | Germantown-Chestnut Hill | Olney-Oak Lane

    Residential Cleaning Services we Offer

    We provide year-round regular cleaning as well as deep cleaning. Our Zauber Sauber residential cleaning company knows the true meaning of clean. We believe that everything should look clean, smell clean and feel clean so the next time you want a professional deep cleaning, call us: Zauber Sauber- the best residential cleaning company for the best residential cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas have to offer.

    Home Cleaning Services:

    We understand that sometimes your schedule doesn't always allow you to clean the way you want and house cleaning can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore. No matter the kind of house cleaning service you need, we've got the Magic Zauber touch to leave your house cleaner than it has ever been, no matter the season. Once you have finally decided that maintaining the cleanliness of your household on a regular basis and hiring a cleaning service is what's best for you, just call our team of professional residential house cleaners. We can set up a custom cleaning schedule based solely on your cleaning needs. Our house cleaning services range from Bedroom, Living Room & deep house cleaning of all Common Areas to bathroom and kitchen cleaning. We provide top to bottom cleaning to remove dirt from everywhere, even high-touch surfaces that are hard to reach.
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    Apartment Cleaning Services:

    We know how important it is to keep your entire home clean at all times. You might think that there is less to clean when living in an apartment but our residential house cleaning services extend to apartment cleaning as well. If you have pets, it's only natural that your home is harder to keep clean. Let us help you save time and hire us for our professional deep cleaning services. Our team are experts in dusting and vacuuming away all that inevitable pet dander.

    Home cleaning services are perhaps even more of a necessity for a place that you rent as it is often stipulated in your rental lease that it is the duty of the tenant to maintain a clean dwelling throughout the lease agreement, but especially when moving out.
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    Move-in and Move Out Cleaning Services:

    You have finally found a new place to call home and it is finally moving day, so why not hire a cleaning service. It is just as important to make sure your old house is as clean as it was the day you moved in as the day you move out and into your new home. We provide not only Move-In Cleaning services but Move-Out cleaning services, each with its own set of challenges but nothing we cannot conquer. Our team of professionally trained Zauberers always pay special attention to all the common living areas and bathroom surfaces, where we focus on providing some of our more detailed cleaning residential services. No matter the square footage of your house, whether it is just one room or the entire house that you need cleaned top to bottom, contact our residential cleaning company for one-time cleanings or bi-weekly regular cleaning and we'll always leave your home not just clean but sparkling clean. With our residential house cleaning services, you will never have to wonder when you'll have time to give your home the deep cleaning it needs. Let us take care of all the cleaning whether you are moving in or moving out.
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    What our clients are saying

    "Thank you for always sending the same person, only subbing out when necessary, to clean my home every time. The young lady is efficient, thorough, and really knows the nuances of how I prefer things to be done. I have, and will, recommend your company to friends."

    Claire Di Luzio

    " I have been using Zauber Sauber cleaning services for just under a year now. They have proven to be consistent. Every week the job is done quickly, but fastidiously and I never have to worry that anything has been left undone. The price is very reasonable. I anticipate using them continuously."

    V. Hoffenberg

    In German, Zauberer means magician

    We are always there for our clients

    Thorough – an eye for detail is of the essence: mirror streaks, doors and doorknobs, baseboards, furniture legs/bottoms, high/low cleaning….these are all given attention

    Hardworking – we work quickly, and thoroughly

    Experienced – our work shows that we know what we are doing

    Reliable – we are there, punctual, and get the job done

    Eager – We always work with a smile and enthusiasm to do our best
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    "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

    At Zauber Sauber, we believe that everything should look clean, smell clean, and feel clean.
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